How to create a group and customize it?

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Groups are a great way to gather people with similar interests. You can have discussions, post photos, videos and write your thoughts for your group members to see.

There are many groups on AerialBuz but if you don't find the group you relate to , you can always create a new group.

To create a Group:

    1. Sign in to your AerialBuz account ( You'll be navigated directly to your social dashboard. 
    2. Access your Project Dashboard:
      • Option 1: From your profile dropdown menu, click on Groups > Create Group. 
      •  Option 2: On the slider panel on the left hand side of the webpage, click on the arrow next to Groups and then click on Create Group.
    3. It'll ask you to select a group name and give a brief description about the group.
    4. Next step is to choose the privacy settings for the group.
    5.  Along with privacy settings, you have the option to give permissions to members, co-organizer and moderators of a group. You also have an option to add an existing group as a parent for the new group and then click on Next Step.
    6. Then you can choose whether you want the group to have a discussion forum. Click on the check box if you want one.
    7. Add a Photo and Cover photo. This is optional now.
    8. You are given an option to send invites to the Members of the AerialBuz community. Click on the '+' icon near the members you want to invite and draft a message to send along with the invite and then click on Send. 
    9. Then click on Next step. 
    10. Finally, choose if you want to create and associate to a LearnDash group, allowing courses to be managed within the group. Check the box if you want the same and then click on Finish. 
    11. You've created a group! It'll redirect you to the members page of your newly created group. 

Alternatively, you can create a new group from the groups directory.

  1. To access the groups directory, click on Socials > Groups on the navigation pane. 
  2. Click on Create a Group and then follow steps from Step 3 above.

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