How to view and work on Return requests as a Vendor?

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Tracking return requests from customers is crucial for customer satisfaction, quality control, and efficient inventory management. It helps address concerns promptly, improve product quality, and ensure accurate inventory tracking.

To find your return requests:

  1. Sign in to your AerialBuz account ( You'll be navigated directly to your Social dashboard. 
  2. The three ways to access your Vendor dashboard:
    • Option 1: From the profile drop-down menu on the top right-hand side select Vendor Dashboard 
    • Option 2: On the social dashboard, on the third row, click on Vendor Dashboard 
    • Option 3: From the slider panel on the left-hand side of the webpage, click on Vendor Dashboard. 
  3.  Click on Return Requests.   
  4. Here you can see the requests raised by your customers. Click on the Eye icon to view more details. 
  5. You can see the reason and the reason details. The customer has 3 options while raising the request i.e. Replace, Refund and Refund as store credit.  
  6. You can talk with the customer by typing in the text box under conversations.
  7. You can change the status of the request based on your investigation and conversations with the customer. The status which you update here will be visible to the customer on their RMA requests page for the order number.
    • New: When you get any new RMA request from a customer.
    • Processing: When you sets the status to processing, the customer will be able to view the RMA requests’ status as ‘Processing’.
    • Completed: When the RMA request is completely processed then you can select this option.
    • Rejected: You can select this option if you wish to reject the RMA request.
    • Reviewing: You can select this option when the RMA request is under review.

Working on refund process to customers

  1. After negotiating and coming to a conclusion with the customer, you need to raise a request for Refund to the AerialBuz admin.
  2. To raise a request, you need to first go to the Orders page on the Vendor Dashboard. 
  3. Click on the eye icon near the order number corresponding to return request. 
  4. This will open up the order's action page. Click on Request Refund. 
  5. Enter the quantity and amount you want to refund below the quantity and total price of the item. 
  6. Then enter the amount in the Refund amount field and then click on Refund Manually. 
  7. If you are sure you want to continue with the refund, click on OK on the pop up warning message. 
  8. Once you do that, one of the AerialBuz admins, will check and approve the refund from the backend. Once that is done, the status of the order number will change to Refunded and earning will change to 0. 
  9. Again click on the eye icon to open the order's action page. Click on Edit under general details and set the status to Refunded so that the customer can view the status on their orders page.

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