How to list a UAV company on AerialBuz?

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If you own a UAV company, you can create a listing for your company on AerialBuz. In your listing, you can provide information about the jobs, courses, products, and other services you offer. Members visiting your listing can easily access and be redirected to the respective pages for more details.


  1. Sign in to your AerialBuz account ( You'll be navigated directly to your Social dashboard.
  2. Access your Pilot listing form by:
    • Option 1: From your profile dropdown menu, click on My Listings > Add a UAV company. 
    • Option 2: On the slider panel on left side of the webpage, click on arrow near My Listings and then click on Add a UAV company. .  
  3. There are six sections you need to fill to complete the listing form. 
  4. You can import your listing from other pages. Just enter the URL and click on Import Details.
  5. This will whatever details it can capture from the URL. You can check the details and manually enter the remaining details.
  6. If you don't have a URL you need to manually enter all the details.


  1. First you need to choose a package and whether your company has franchises. Note: The below image doesn't show is the final package details and prices. These are subject to change and periodically be checked whenever creating a new listing. 
  2. If your company has franchises, you can choose which particular details you want locked. 
  3. Once done, click on Next.


  1. Enter the company title and company description. 
  2. Choose the category of your UAV Company.  
  3. The default category is automatically set to the category you choose. If you add multiple categories, you can choose which one you want to show up as default. Finally set the tags 
  4. Next is where you can upload any media like logo, images or video URL. Once done, click on Next.


  1. You can set your location details in two ways:
    • Manually entering or using current location: Enter the street address, Country, Region, City and Post code or click on the arrow next to address field to auto fill all details using your location. 
    • Setting address on the Map: You can set the view to Map or Satellite view. Zoom in to the location and street and set the pointer to that location. This automatically sets the latitude, longitude and the remaining details.
  2. Click on Next to go to the next section.


  1. This section you can enter your contact related details like website, phone numbers, email id or any social media accounts.
  2. If you are the business owner or Associate, check the box to mark listing as claimed. If you want to add Business Hours, click on Yes to enter the timings.
  3. Set the timings. By default, weekends are considered as closed. If you work on weekends, click on '+' icon to set timings. If you are open at a particular timeslot and closed at some, you can click on '+' icon to add additional timings for a particular day. If you are closed on a particular day, you can click on the '-' icon to set the day as closed. If you're open on a particular day, click on the '+' icon to set the timings. If your shop is open 24 hours, click on the checkbox next to each day to set it open for 24 hours.
  4. Select your Time zone from the list. 
  5. Finally, you can enter if you have any special offers. This is optional. Click on Next.

Linked Details

  1. You can link products, blogs, posts, groups, events, job, course, service or Task which you have uploaded on AerialBuz here. Once done, click on Next.

Leadership and Management

  1. Choose the role from the drop-down menu. 
  2. In the member field, enter at least 3 characters for the search bar to suggest you members. Select the member from the drop-down menu. 
  3. Choose the starting date from the calendar. 
  4. You can add more members by clicking on Add More Members.

Submitting Listing

  1. You can see a preview of your listing by clicking on Preview listingOnce done, click on Submit listing. 
  2. Once you submit your listing, it will be sent to the backend for approval. An AerialBuz admin will check and approve the listing.


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